Hello, all! Thanks to everyone who has inquired after us or sent a note of support. I am indeed in the Tampa Bay area, which puts us in the path of Irma. The first bands of rain started a few hours ago. We expect the center of the hurricane to pass somewhere around us—probably to the west—around 2 am Monday.

We're going to be ok. We're more than twice as high above the water as the storm surge is projected to be. We have sandbags just in case. We have gallons of water (more than the one gallon/person/day for three days).

It won't be fun. We're planning to ride out tonight on mattresses in a hallway that will barely fit the mattresses. We expect to lose power and internet, so please don't worry if you don't hear from me for a few days.

If you pray, please pray for everyone in Harvey's, Irma's, and José's path and wake. Or send positive energies.

***hugs*** to all!


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