I hated, hated, hated the end of series 3 of Sherlock—so much that I couldn't bring myself to post on it. I read fic a little while longer, except for that by a very few writers that I read a lot longer, but the third season really soured me on Sherlock. Here's why )


The Abominable Bride )

This episode had basically no redeeming features for me. I don't even remember any moments I enjoyed.

So why did I watch series 4? Am I a masochist? Or just too much an optimist, hoping they'll get better? I think I'm an addict hoping this hit will be as good as the first one was. Nope.

Series 4 )

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( Jan. 1st, 2015 09:12 pm)
I know I haven't posted much in 2014. I've been reading a lot more than I've been writing, if that's any help! To try to get back into LJ, I'm reusing this meme from [ profile] astrogirl2. I am, however, apparently incapable of giving a single answer to most of the questions. Below a cut for length )
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( Aug. 11th, 2014 06:06 pm)
Did anyone else see this article suggesting that Tom Hiddleston might come in to play the third Holmes brother? (What third Holmes brother, you say? Indeed.)

That's apparently based on this April piece.

It's probably just Mark Gatiss winding us up, but I'd have thought I'd hear something like this.
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( Jun. 21st, 2014 07:37 pm)
As I mentioned longer ago than I thought, I discovered that the Mead Hall had gone down something like 18 months before, and I had failed to realize that it was really down. So a good chunk of the fic I've written has been inaccessible. I have copies of everything, and I've been posting it in small chunks to Archive of Our Own; you can find it here. Today, I moved the last of my SG-1 fic from The Mead Hall, and I felt really accomplished, and then I remember that I have at least one SG-1 fic that never made it to The Mead Hall, and probably more. I will get to those!

What I've discovered from my fic )
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( May. 26th, 2014 05:10 pm)
I keep meaning to post and not doing it! I will try to make some shorter posts instead of the kind of longer round-up that I'm not likely to finish.

I discovered that my fanfic site The Mead Hall went down, probably in late November 2012. I have been paying it so little mind that on the rare occasions I have looked in the last 18 months, I have found it not working and made a mental note to talk to Brilliant Husband and then promptly lost the mental note. I have done this at least twice before I realized that it's really down! On the other hand, my ownership of the site expires in July, and I'm not paying for it again, so I'm letting it go. I am in the process of moving my fanfic all to AO3; you can find me here.

I have 18 stories up now. None of my Primeval or Stargate: Atlantis stories have made it yet, but they will be there; if you want a specific story added that I haven't yet put up, just let me know, and I'll put it at the top of my List of Stories to Move!

Also note that I have given up on writing recommendation posts. I just can't manage to do it. I have been saving up Sherlock stories for a rec post, and I just don't think that's ever going to happen, because I've mostly gone off Sherlock except for stories by a few writers, and I cannot find the motivation to make a post for a fandom where I'm hardly doing any reading. Most of what I did mean to rec, I bookmarked on AO3, so you can go to that link above, click to see my profile, and then find my Bookmarks in the left-hand menu.

Moreover, I suddenly fell into Marvel and Captain America fandom. (Okay, more honestly: Winter Soldier fandom, with healthy sides of Captain America, Sam, and Natasha, though the proportions of those vary.) Aware that I can't manage rec posts, I have begun trying to make slightly fuller summaries of stories I'm bookmarking as recommendations so that not only can I remember them when I look back, but friends can decide whether they might want to read each.

On the downside, I realized yesterday that I appear to have tagged fully half the stories I've bookmarked "friendship," and I suspect I'd have tagged a lot more that way if I'd been tagging for people other than just me when I started making bookmarks. And "friendship" actually describes what attracts me to nearly all these stories, so you might not find it a useful tag if you decide to search my bookmarks.

Behind the cut: a brief summary of Where I Am in Fandom, for those who are curious—and to help me remember what I might want to tackle in individual posts. This list may change as I think of something else I want to remember. Fandoms )
If you have any interest whatsoever in Sherlock Holmes, either ACD or BBC (or possibly some other versions), go look at this Tumblr post now. You'll thank me later. Spoiler only for something you must already know.
If you're trying to avoid Sherlock spoilers, be warned: I had seen only very minor spoilers for s3, so I clicked a link that I thought would also be minor spoilers. I don't consider them minor.

But if you don't mind being a little SPOILED )
I'm really going to try to avoid spoilers after this. Honest. I thought there would only been teeny things like the titles of upcoming episodes.

There may be spoilers in comments, but please don't add any fresh spoilers after today. I'm really going to be good now, because sometimes spoilers do ruin it for me.
I was so excited about Neverwhere being made into a radio show and then about World's End (see here) that I overlooked one more credit under Martin Freeman's name, which I just noticed today:
Saving Santa, where all the credits are voice credits, so it appears to be animated. Voices include:
Martin Freeman
Tim Curry
Tom Baker as Santa!
Noel Clarke
Chris Barrie
I have seen a couple of mentions of this, but the best link comes from [ profile] joonscribble: "James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch join Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere" by Meredith Woerner at io9. I enjoyed the book, never saw the tv version (but heard bad things about it), and now really want to know when and how to listen to this! James McAvoy and Natalie Dormer star, with Bernard Cribbins as Old Bailey, Christopher Lee as Earl of Earl's Court (the man is 90 years old! and he just keeps going!), Anthony Head as Croup--oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch as Islington.

No wonder they're having trouble scheduling the filming of the next Sherlock series.

(I just looked up the principals from Sherlock in IMDb and found Martin Freeman will be in World's End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and I want to see that already: "Five friends who reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier unwittingly become humankind's only hope for survival," IMDb tells me. BC, Rupert Graves, and Louise Brealey are also keeping very busy. The surprise is not that Sherlock has been delayed but that they're still confident they can ever get all these people together at once again!)
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The title from The Mary Sue says it all: "BBC Sherlock Season 3 Has Been Delayed until 2014 Because Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman Are Too Awesome," by Jill Pantozzi.

Meanwhile, Small Child is now hooked on Elementary (how on earth did that happen?) but also on the Grenada Sherlock Holmes, so we're getting alternative fixes together. (She hasn't actually been allowed to see the BBC Sherlock yet due to violence, but given what she has now seen on Elementary, I think we need to revise that. Dear heavens, if I'd known some of the eps that were coming up, she'd never have been allowed a single ep of Elementary. But hey: Lucy Liu is awesome as Joan Watson.)
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Well, Mark Gatiss has announced the three words for Sherlock series 3 as he and Moffatt did for s2.

His initial Tweet is here, later admitted to be fake. (At least one person has already posted a fic to AO3 apparently based on the fakes.)

And here's the real thing (I guess).
Here you can read speculation.
Feel free also to speculate in comments to this entry, unless you have actual spoilers based on real information, in which case you should take it elsewhere! I limit my spoilers greatly. (Spoilers for the three words are likely in comments, by the way.)

And my own speculation )

For those of us wondering: there will be a Cabin Pressure series 4! The FAQ is actually quite interesting, with at worst a couple of very, very minor spoilers for those of us who haven't heard the entire series (although I own it, so I can't explain why I haven't made it through yet; I treasure each episode).

And can I just quote my favorite bits?
Q) What do you mean you don't know? Get on with writing it, you lazy writer!
A) Fair point, I am a lazy writer, but on this occasion that's not actually the problem. By stupidly casting incredibly talented and in-demand actors (plus me), we've accidentally made it really really hard to get everyone together in a room at the same time. But we're working on it, and the intention is still to get it at least recorded, and ideally broadcast, this year.

John Finnemore sounds very much like Arthur in my head! I think one of my LJ friends, or a friend of a friend, actually made it to a recording session and said he really is very much like Arthur, except a lot smarter.

I also love the bits where he writes:
You can buy the newly released CDs of the first three series from Amazon. You can buy downloads from Amazon or Pozzitive's online store. Someone has put all the episodes up on YouTube. And someone else, or a collection of someone elses, have put up transcripts of all the episodes, which you can easily find by googling 'Cabin Pressure transcripts'. I only get money from the first two of these, but personally speaking, I have no problem with the last two ways. (The BBC probably don't agree about that.)

and that he's very happy to have fans write CP fic, but he can't read it and won't ever let anyone else write for the show.
I've tried to mark these s1 & s2; some of the s1 stories have now been jossed, but I had them in my list to rec and didn't get around to them until too late! They're still worth reading!
I'm not differentiating the different s2 episodes.

UPDATE: This entry didn't post right, so I'm trying again. I will add that I have several more stories marked here and there to rec, but some of these have waited since December, and I have been losing track of things.

And I really hope this post posts correctly.

Humor )

Humor and Crossover )

Drama and Character Study )

Mystery )
Thanks are due once again to [ profile] arianedevere for her transcript, against which I corrected my quotations.

Spoilers! )
From [ profile] neadods, a piece by Benedict Cumberbatch's violin teacher, who had very little time to get the actor to look as though he really plays violin. Brilliant Husband is not as impressed with the results as I am, so your mileage may vary. It's very interesting to read.

Via [ profile] awanderingbard: best AutoCorrect ever of Benedict Cumberbatch's name. See if you can predict it before you click. BH got the first name right on the second try. (Yay him!)
My long-awaited reaction to "Hounds": Spoilers! )
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We're members of our local PBS station, so I receive a weekly emailed newsletter.

This image was at the very top: (ETA: Thanks to [ profile] nialla42 for converting my tiff to a jpg! I forgot LJ doesn't do tiffs!)

Am I missing something, or is PBS now officially slashing Sherlock and John? I find this hilarious and yet ever-so-slightly disturbing. (In a "you mean people at PBS know about slash?" way.)

PBS and NPR are co-marketing the series. Fresh Air had an interview with Steven Moffat a couple of days ago (must dig up), and Morning Edition had one with Benedict Cumberbatch this morning (heard it when it aired). The interviewer asked if there would be a third series, and Ben said, "Well, that depends on how this series ends, doesn't it?" As if we wouldn't know! Isn't that sweet! (Actually, my Mom and Dad don't know. Anybody else?)

PBS is on top of things enough to know about slash, and yet seems not to realize that not only has much of the world already downloaded the episodes, we could buy them from two weeks after it aired in the UK. (In fact, Brilliant Husband pre-ordered the series before it actually aired.)
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( Feb. 6th, 2012 10:14 pm)
Yes, I have more to say on Sherlock episode 2.01. I must give credit to [personal profile] arianedevere for doing a transcript of the entire episode so that I can quote good bits without having written them down!

Cut for spoilers )

Jump to what I hated )

Jump to what I loved )
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So! Once was not enough. We have already begun to rewatch Sherlock s2; we do what we must because we can (as Jonathan Coulton might say). First, I'd like to note that I prefer the way White Collar does commentary: you can hear the episode and the commentary. Two minutes in, we switched off commentary on 2.01 of Sherlock because we couldn't hear a blessed word of dialogue. I wanted to hear the actors and writers, but I wanted to hear the dialogue more.

Here's my problem: I've identified a major bloophole that I haven't seen anyone else mention. Cut for spoilers for 2.01! )
Some of you may recall that I wanted a vid to Jonathan Coulton's "Nemeses" featuring Sherlock and Moriarty. Indeed, one of you suggested that I go to [ profile] sherlockbbc and request it on Make Me a Monday, for which I am terribly grateful (sorry I don't remember who it was right now; I can't find the comment!).

[ profile] solaridae made such a vid, and it's brilliant.
WARNINGS: SPOILERS FOR SERIES 2. Don't watch if you don't want to see scenes from s2.
I couldn't wait. I watched right away. It's wonderful! If you've seen s2 or don't mind being spoiled, go watch it! (If you haven't, mark this entry or the YouTube vid to come back when you have!)


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